Emergency Management

Borough of Queenscliffe Council takes its role in emergency management very seriously and aims to protect this community as best it can.

A number of plans have been developed to guide Council in responding to and recovering from emergencies. These have been developed in conjunction with other emergency service providers to ensure a coordinated approach.
Residents also have a role to play in emergency management, such as through:

  • • Keeping property neat and tidy for fire prevention
  • • Regularly cleaning chimneys and checking smoke detectors to avoid fires in the home
  • • Having and practising a fire plan
  • • Understanding what to do to look after themselves and pets during heatwaves.

For all incident advice, including warnings across the state, refer to www.emergency.vic.gov.au or call the Vic Emergency hotline on 1800 226 226. 

Other emergency services also have excellent resources available on their websites:

Remember in the case of an emergency always dial 000.