Fire Prevention

The lighting of any fire in the open in the Borough of Queenscliffe is strictly prohibited without a permit (properly constructed BBQs excepted).

Applications for permits should be directed to Council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officer at the Council offices during office hours.

Protect our community from the risk of fires and avoid the risk of a fine by keeping your land tidy. Grass should be cut to less than 100mm in height, dead vegetation should be removed and your block should be clear of rubbish.

Borough of Queenscliffe Local Laws Officers have the authority to issue Fire Prevention Notices to property owners who need to tidy up their land.

The Country Fire Authority website contains plenty of information so that property owners can:

  • Prepare a home fire plan
  • Do a risk assessment of their property
  • Arrange to have someone from the Country Fire Authority to come out and look at their property (by appointment only)
  • Get information on community workshops and activities, as well as many other things associated with fire preparedness.

For further enquiries regarding fires in the open or fire prevention techniques, please contact the Law Enforcement team.