Rating Strategy

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The purpose of this document is to detail the elements of the Borough of Queenscliffe Rating Strategy and changes proposed to the previous version of Council’s adopted Rating Strategy.

The most significant increase proposed in this revision of Council’s Rating Strategy is an increase of $50 in the additional pensioner rebate offered by Council, with all other edits being minor changes to wording, removal of details which are no longer relevant and bringing other items up to date to reflect current day information.

Feedback received from ratepayers during the year, with respect to the application of matters contained in Council’s rating strategy, has also been considered by Councilors and officers in this latest review of the rating strategy. For example, some of the ‘grey areas' with respect to sheds on vacant land and who is entitled to receive a waste service have been addressed in this review, and Council is also taking the opportunity to reinforce the circumstances in which the tourist accommodation differential applies.

The State Government media release dated 17 April 2019 advises a full review of council rating systems will be undertaken, with the outcome of this review to be released in March 2020. Given the timing of this review by the State Government, Council is planning to endorse the current version of its revised Rating Strategy, which follows the public consultation period, with no further review of its Rating Strategy anticipated for the 2020/21 budget preparation.

Council will wait for the outcome of the State Government’s review, and the first year of the new Council term in 2020/21, before considering a further review of its Rating Strategy in time for preparation of the 2021/22 Budget.