Embracing our history and heritage

In the spirit of reconciliation Council acknowledges the Wadawurrung people who have lived in harmony with the land and the waterways of this area for many centuries.

The Borough of Queenscliffe municipality has remained intact since being created in May 1863.
It has a rich history of Aboriginal and European activity and settlement which contributes to the cultural and historical significance of the Borough.

Queenscliff was first and foremost built for Government purposes; providing postal, customs, health and telegraph services, lighthouse and signal services, military and defence establishments and the sea pilots service.

Recognised for its potential as a seaside retreat as early as the 1850s, Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe built a cottage and spent weekends here with his family even before it was established as a township.

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council and community have a deep respect for its heritage and is committed to preserving the many heritage buildings and unique coastal environment.

You are encouraged to visit one of our many museums to gain an appreciation of the rich, diverse and fascinating history and development of the Borough of Queenscliffe.

In 2013, the Borough of Queenscliffe celebrated its 150th anniversary.