Customer Service Charter

What is the Customer Service Charter?

The Borough of Queenscliffe Customer Service Charter sets out in plain language:

  • What services we provide
  • What standard of service we will provide
  • How those service levels will be measured
  • What you can do if we don't meet service levels.

Why have a Customer Service Charter?

The Customer Service Charter sets out Council's service standards, and explains what you – as our customer – can do if we have not delivered a service to that standard. It has been developed to further build and enhance relationships and partnerships with our community and customers, and to enable a system for continuous improvement to our levels of customer service.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are any person or any organisation that has any form of dealings with Council.

This includes residents, ratepayers, business operators, visitors, Council staff, contractors and elected members.

What do we ask of you?

  • To treat our staff with mutual respect
  • To respect the rights of other customers
  • To provide accurate and complete information in your dealings with us
  • To respect the community in which we live
  • To work with us to solve problems.

How will we measure our service?

  • We will report quarterly on our service levels.
  • We will regularly survey our community.
  • We will invite written feedback at all Council customer service points.

What can you expect from Queenscliffe Council?

We will:

  • Have our customer service counters attended at all times
  • Answer and return telephone calls promptly
  • Greet you in a friendly way and identify ourselves
  • Respect, listen and respond to your concerns within service standards
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and in plain language
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry
  • Respect your privacy
  • Be helpful and sensitive to your needs
  • Support our community's cultural diversity
  • Work with you to solve problems, and refer you to an appropriate organisation if we are unable to meet your request.

Expected turnaround times

Required Service

Our Standard

Answer your telephone call

Within 5 rings or a message bank option will be provided

Staff will be friendly, helpful and courteous

All of the time

Reply to general correspondence

Within 10 working days

Respond to general requests

Within 1 week

Keep you informed

In a timely manner via rates newsletter, media releases, community noticeboards, website, email, video, digital and social media

If Council can’t provide the service you require, we will endeavour to refer you to where service may be available

100% of the time

Dogs: respond to urgent dog requests

7 days a week

Environmental health: respond to food complaints that pose an immediate health risk

Within 24 hours

Roads and footpaths: inspect and assess urgent requests about damage

Within 2 working days

Waste: missed garbage collection

Within 2 working days

Any Council-related safety matter that places the community at risk


Drainage issues: inspect and assess urgent requests

Within 2 working days

Dumped rubbish: inspect and collect

Within 2 working days

General – respond and investigate
Urgent – respond and investigate

Within 5 working days


'Complaints' are different from 'Requests For Service'. A 'complaint' is an expression of dissatisfaction with:

  • The quality of an action taken, decision made, or service provided by Council or its contractor;
  • A delay or failure in providing a service, taking an action, or making a decision by Council or its contractor.

If this happens, please bring your complaint to us directly so that we can resolve the issue and improve our service for the future. All complaints will be registered, and dealt with in accordance with the Borough of Queenscliffe's Complaint Handling Policy, which guides how we deal with your complaint.

All staff are responsible for dealing with complaints relating to their area. You may contact the staff member who is dealing with your request and they will work with you so that the matter can be resolved. A complaint can be made by phone, in person, in writing or by email. We will try to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible and get back to you by your preferred method of response.

Whilst most problems can usually be resolved quickly, there are times when detailed investigation is required. If it will take time, we will keep you informed of the progress of you complaint.

If your complaint is a particularly serious or complex matter, please put it in writing and address it to the Chief Executive Officer, who will personally arrange for the appropriate person to deal with it and respond to you. The Mayor and/or Councillors may also be contacted regarding your complaint.

If you are then still not satisfied with our resolution to your complaint, you can contact the Victorian Ombudsman or Local Government Victoria as appropriate.

The Ombudsman
Phone: 03 9613 6222
Toll Free: 1800 806 314 (regional only)

Local Government Victoria
Telephone: 03 9651 7026