Our Performance

Council's performance is graded annually across a number of different platforms and service areas. Each of the following methods provides an objective appraisal of the Borough of Queenscliffe's performance which can then be compared to previous years, as well as the performance of other councils across Victoria.


Performance Statement

The Performance Statement contains information about the performance of Council for the financial year whereby Council makes itself accountable to the community. Council’s performance for the financial year is reported against the key strategic activities that were adopted as part of the annual Budget process. The Performance Statement includes Council's Sustainable Capacity Indicators, Service Performance Indicators, and Financial Performance Indicators. The latest of these figures can be read by visiting page 100 of Council's 2019–20 Annual Report.

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Know Your Council

The Borough of Queenscliffe's profile and performance reporting data can be viewed and compared with all other councils using the Victorian Government's Know Your Council website. Graphical overviews, trend lines and detailed service area reports can be analysed for each section of the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework. Please note that Council's 2019–20 data – its most recently available reporting – has not yet been included by the Know Your Council website.

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Community Satisfaction Survey

The table below summarises the Borough’s results for the past three years and compares 2020 core performance scores against state-wide and small rural shire averages. These provide the Borough with an opportunity to benchmark its performance against other councils and to identify areas where service delivery improvements are needed. For a deeper look at these statistics, click here to visit the Community Satisfaction Survey page.

Core Performance Measures Queenscliffe
Small Rural

Overall performance 61 56 58
Community consultation 59 54 55
Lobbying 56 52 53
Making community decisions 54 53 53
Sealed local roads 66 51 54
Customer service 72 70 70
Overall council direction 63 50 51