Tree Management

Council is responsible for planting, care and maintenance of street trees and trees in parks that it owns or has Committee of Management responsibility for. Council is also responsible for the care and protection of native vegetation on the many coastal reserves in the Borough.

The Tree Management, Removal and Replacement Strategy for Princess, Citizens and Victoria Parks can be downloaded from this page.

Tree Vandalism Policy

Under its Tree Vandalism Policy Council has adopted zero tolerance of vegetation vandalism which applies to all public areas of the Borough.

Tree planting program

The Borough's tree planting program aims to plant native trees at the request of ratepayers. Requests should be lodged with Customer Service.

Coastal moonahs

Coastal moonah (Melaleuca lanceolata) is an indigenous tree species that copes extremely well with salt-laden winds that blow off the sea.

Over time this tree species has become depleted. Coastal Moonah Woodlands are now protected under relevant environment legislation.

Significant stands of these trees can be found at Victoria Park in Queenscliff, the Narrows area, Royal Park, the Point Lonsdale foreshore and the many foreshore reserves and Council is responsible for their management.

Council officers can provide advice on vegetation management involving indigenous plants. For advice please contact Customer Service on 5258 1377.

Electric line clearance tree trimming program

The Borough of Queenscliffe conducts an annual electric line clearance tree trimming program in order to maintain compliance with the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015.

Click on the links below to read the Borough of Queenscliffe 2018–19 Electric Line Clearance Management Plan.

2018–19 Electric Line Clearance Management Plan Part 1

2018–19 Electric Line Clearance Management Plan Part 2

Please note that the annual electric line clearance tree trimming program in the Borough of Queenscliffe applies only to trees on Council land. If you have any enquiries about the management of trees around electric lines on private property, please call Powercor directly on 13 24 12 or refer to the Powercor website, www.powercor.com.au.