Weed Control

Weed management is critical in protecting and enhancing our forehsore areas. Borough of Queenscliffe Council has taken a proactive partnership approach to tackling coastal weeds and is currently involved in a number of key projects.

CoastalTender program

The Borough of Queenscliffe embarked on a five-year program (2012-2017) for environment conservation of two specific coastal areas:

  • The Narrows in Queenscliff, from Camp Wyuna to Point Lonsdale Primary School
  • Along Ocean Road in Point Lonsdale, from Toc H to Fellows Road.

This constitutes 40.90 hectares of coastal vegetation. The project focused on controlling high-threat environmental weed species and managing access trails through these coastal areas and revegetation.

These sites contain threatened Coastal Moonah Woodland vegetation communities, which are significantly depleted on the Bellarine Peninsula. They also support a number of plant species of state and regional conservation significance, including coast wirilda, thyme rice-flower, coast bitter bush, coast pomaderris and coast twin-leaf.

Funding of $250,000 was made available through a successful tender application to Corangamite Catchment Management Authority's CoastalTender program, funded by the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country program.

In conjunction with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Since January 2013, Council has been working in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia to remove woody weeds from the Point Lonsdale foreshore area opposite the cemetery, often referred to as 'Bunny Woods'.

Teams of conservation volunteers have removed over 20 tonnes of weedy vegetation from this area already.

A winning partnership

Combating dune erosion and protecting the site above the Dog Beach area in the Narrows in an ongoing project for Council. An important component of this has been the weed removal efforts by the community, including Bellarine Catchment Network and a number of schools and community groups.

This area is recognised as an important Coastal Moonah Woodland site and the combined efforts have recently been recognised with a coastal land management award.

Restoring the Queenscliff fire site

Another key project is the coastal foreshore alongside the railway track near Queenscliff Kindergarten that was subjected to fire a few years ago. Council is working to restore this site by removing the remaining woody weed and managing regrowth so that undesirable plant species do not take hold again.

Bellarine Railway and Corrections Victoria are also involved in this project, removing waste from the area via the railway track, which is proving very efficient.