Recycle your fluorescent tubes and bulbs

Why recycle tubes and bulbs?

Used tubes and bulbs are the largest source of mercury contamination in landfills. The mercury inside them converts to methyl mercury – a toxic and volatile gas that can easily escape into the environment. So it's important that we keep tubes and bulbs out of landfill.

By recycling your fluorescent tubes and bulbs you are:

• Reducing the amount of landfill
• Decreasing the amount of poisonous methyl mercury in the environment
• Making sure that tube and bulb parts can be reused.

How can I recycle my old tubes and bulbs?

When your Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or fluorescent tubes stop working they can be recycled.

Drop your old unbroken tubes and bulbs at the Geelong Resource Recovery Centre and Transfer Station, 100 Douro Street, North Geelong. Domestic quantities of CFLs will be accepted free of charge.

What happens to the tubes and bulbs that I recycle?

During the recycling process the fluorescent tubes and compact lamps are crushed and separated into glass, aluminium end caps and phosphor powder. Each of these components is then reused in other products.