Recycle Your Batteries

Why recycle batteries?

Batteries contain hazardous waste. Even though they can be recycled, 8,000 tonnes of batteries are sent to landfill every year.

So don't throw your old batteries into the bin – set them aside for recycling.

Where do I recycle my old batteries?

You can drop them into any of the collection containers at:

  • Borough of Queenscliffe Council Offices
  • Queenscliff Post Office
  • Queenscliffe Neighbourhood House
  • Sea All Dolphin Swims
  • Point Lonsdale IGA
  • Point Lonsdale News and Post Office.

If your child attends a local primary school, they can take batteries to school and put them into the collection container in the administration centre.

What batteries can I recycle?

You can recycle:

  • button batteries
  • rechargable batteries
  • single-use alkaline batteries
  • watch batteries
  • AAA, AA, D, C and rectangle 6V and 9V.

What happens to the batteries I recycle?

Council collects the used batteries and delivers them to the Geelong Resource Recovery Centre and Transfer Station as part of the Detox your Home program. The batteries are then sent to licensed recycling facilities for processing.

Some of the materials used to make batteries are non-renewable. They can be broken down for reuse in other products – for example, new batteries – and recycled an indefinite number of times.

Need more information?

Please contact Council's Sustainability Officer for further information about this program.