To catch a fish

Queenscliff built its history on fishing fleets and couta boats. While it is no longer a commercial fishing port, it still caters well for the recreational fisher.

Popular fishing spots

  • The Cut at Queenscliff Harbour
  • Queenscliff Pier and Point Lonsdale Pier
  • Rock fishing off Point Lonsdale
  • Beach fishing at Point Lonsdale back beach
  • Swan Bay
  • Off the coastal gutters in front of Santa Casa (boat required)
  • Bass Strait for game fishing (fishing charters available from Queenscliff Harbour).

What to catch

  • In the harbour - silver trevally and squid
  • From the piers - white snapper, whiting and salmon
  • From the boat - gummy shark, snapper, whiting, calamari, flathead and salmon
  • From the Rocks at Point Lonsdale – salmon, barracouta and mullet
  • Swan Bay - flathead, whiting, snook, garfish, gummy shark and salmon.

Hints and tips

  • Soft plastic lures work well in these waters, especially on trevally in the harbour
  • Try a mix of breadcrumbs and tuna oil or pellets
  • Fish in and around structures and piers; trevally feed off the weed on underwater objects
  • Tides are very important in the harbour. The best fishing is 90 minutes either side of the tide change
  • Fast-flowing water is generally hard to fish; fish in and around eddies
  • In slow-running water, target species such as salmon, trevally, pike, snapper and whiting
  • The best baits for fishing in the harbour are pippies, squid, pilchards and soft plastic lures
  • Grab a copy of the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide 2013 from the Visitor Information Centre
  • Organise a fishing charter to discover the best spots and for safe access around The Rip.

Where to get a fishing licence

You will generally need a fishing licence in fish in this area. You can get a licence online before you arrive. A Recreational Fishing Licence covers all forms of recreational fishing in all of Victoria's marine, estuarine and freshwaters.

For local knowledge on where to fish and what bait to use, and for all your tackle needs, drop into the Bait and Tackle Shop in Queenscliff or ask one of the local fishers.

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