Do I need to apply for a planning permit?

If you wish to make changes to buildings on your property it is likely that you will need a planning permit. Working out whether a planning permit is required or not can be complicated, as permit requirements are dependant on the zoning and overlay requirements that apply to the property.

It is highly recommended you contact Council's Town Planning Team on 03 5258 1377 for advice before conducting any work on your property.

Change of use

Planning permission may be required if you wish to change the use of land or buildings. A change in the use of land or buildings may arise by a simple alteration in the nature of the use, or through any additions that modify the use. For example, a planning permit may be required to change a shop to a restaurant or a dwelling to a medical centre.

There are certain types of changes of use that do not require planning permission however, changes of use are not always a clear-cut issue and should be treated with care.

To assist you in determining if your change of use requires planning approval contact Council's Town Planning Team on 03 5258 1377.

Building permit

A building permit is the approval required to actually commence and carry out building/construction works authorised by development. The building permit must be obtained before works commence.

For more information visit the Building page.

Can I make changes to my approved plans?


Council may need to do a further assessment before the changes can be approved. In turn this may mean that re-notification of the proposal is required so that your neighbours and the community can comment on the proposed changes. It is recommended that you discuss any changes with Council's Town Planning Team  on 03 5258 1377 as soon as you realise a need for any changes to the approved plans.

You must not proceed with any unauthorised changes until they have been properly assessed and approved. Council will consider retrospective amendment applications as though the work has not yet been done, so it is best to get approval first.