The Borough of Queenscliffe Council takes a hard stand against vandalism and graffiti.

The community enjoys lovely clean streetscapes and natural settings. Please help us keep it this way.

Vegetation vandalism

Council's vegetation vandalism policy ensures that appropriate action is taken to respond to vegetation vandalism on public land within the Borough of Queenscliffe by:

  • Defining the procedure to follow when vegetation vandalism has occurred
  • Alerting the community to wilful acts of vegetation vandalism
  • Raising awareness in the community of the importance of vegetation on public land
  • Reducing the incidents of vegetation vandalism.

Refer to the Vegetation Vandalism Policy for further information.

Reporting vandalism and graffiti

Please report any instances of vandalism and graffiti immediately to:

  • Council's Customer Service on 03 5258 1377
  • Queenscliff Police on 03 5258 4285