Road signage

Road signs help to regulate, warn and guide road users for the safe and efficient movement of traffic.

Council is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the existing sign network on our local roads, including:

  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Pedestrian and school crossing signs
  • Parking signs
  • Tourist and community signs.

A standardised system is essential to ensure that traffic control devices are communicated consistently enabling drivers to comply with road rules and  navigate their way around the road network in a safe and efficient manner.

If you require further information regarding the installation of new signs or alteration to existing signs or if signs require repair or replacement due to damage or theft, please contact Customer Service officers on 035258 1377 or register a report via the Report an issue form.

Tourism and services signage

The prime purpose of tourist signage is to give visitors direction or guidance to tourist attractions and accommodation.

All applications seeking approval to place tourist or services signs within a road reserve should be lodged with the Tourist Signing officer at Council and meet the VicRoads Tourist Signing Guidelines.  The Tourist Signing officer can be contacted on 03 5258 1377.

Application forms for tourist attractions, accommodation and services signs are available for download. Once you have completed the form, please submit it to he Borough of Queenscliffe and include any relevant supporting material.

Council will assess the application and forward to VicRoads if necessary.