Running an event

The Borough of Queenscliffe actively supports and encourages the hosting of events within the Borough. Council recognises that festivals and events bring a range of social, economic and cultural benefits to the community, and help to promote the Borough as a tourism and leisure destination on a local, national and international scale.

Council support

Council aims to ensure that events conducted in the Borough of Queenscliffe are safe, professionally run, conducted in suitable locations and do not unduly impact on residents, businesses or the environment.

To obtain the information necessary to make this assessment, Council requires event organisers to complete an Event approval application.

Event organisers must ensure they comply with the following before a permit will be issued for their event to take place:

  • Complete the Event application form, even if the event is an annual event
  • Provide a copy of public liability insurance documents (Council does not provide public liability insurance to events)
  • Provide an appropriate Risk Management Plan
  • Provide a Traffic Management Plan (if relevant)
  • Provide copies of relevant permits required, i.e. health permits, liquor licence, etc.

For further information please refer to Council's policy on events and event sponsorship or contact the Economic Development team on 03 5258 1377.